Pro-Choice Rally in KW on Sunday!

YES! I am so STOKED for this Sunday October 2!

This Sunday starting at 1:30 PM we will be staging a pro-choice rally outside of Grand River Hospital. *cue pump up music*

Simultaneously, anti-choicers (primarily KW Right to Life) will be doing their thing, which usually consists of holding up ‘abortion is genocide’ posters (probably one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen.)

Major applause goes to Zoe Miller – a member of our class! – for organizing this pro-choice action! Let’s support our peer and our community by joining in on the fun on Sunday!

Click this link to access the facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=256746207701724

Details from Zoe:
“Hey everyone. As some of you know, Right to Life and other anti-choice groups in the region like to hold vigils and protests out side of the hospital. Usually they do it in front of Freeport (where abortions are actually performed) but on Sunday they will be outside of GRH to get more attention (busier area). I suggest that we all meet up at 1:30 in the Uptown parkade (corner of King Street and Willis Way, Waterloo) and then walk/bus/drive down to the hospital and botha botha botha them.

Please bring/make your own signs, as we don’t have time between now and Sunday to organize and make some together.

Please keep ‘woman’ out of the picture. Reproductive rights also affect people who aren’t women.

Slogan ideas:
-Keep your laws off of my body
-Keep your rosaries off my ovaries
-Pro Child, Pro Choice
-and the classic, Honk if you’re Pro Choice!
🙂 Be creative!

Hope to see you there!”

For some more sign-making inspiration, check out this top 70 list of signs from Walk For Choice actions in the US.

This is probably my fav:

(Person holding a sign that reads: "YOU HAVE 99 PROBLEMS / THEY ARE ALL MISOGYNY")

In Solidarity and Joy!


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