Heya Class Members!

Ever wanted to try some Super Sexy Borscht? Today is your DAY! Use up all them beets sitting in your fridge! Incite a REVOLUTION in your kitchen!
*Ahem* (I get really excited about beets…)

Let’s move onto some Updates and Reminders, shall we?!

  1. Readings! Remember to do yer readings, superstars! You’ve got two videos to watch and a blog to check out. (“Stolen Sisters” clips and “ClassAction Dec 29.m4v” – both available through links on our class website.) Easy as pumpkin pie! 
  2. Location! For the next three weeks (October 26th, November 2nd, and November 9th) we’ll be meeting in our usual space (Room 2143 in the Student Life Centre, the room with all the windows.)
  3. Visitors! A reminder that next week (November 2nd) we’re having visitors! 2 midwives who work with Planned Parenthood will be joining us for the second half of class to help us make connections between sexual violence, the birthing journey and process, and reproductive justice.
  4. Sharing! I really loved this piece and wanted to share it with y’all: “The Queer Fat Femme Guide to Better [Gay] Sex.” The author/blogger, Bevin, does a really great job of explaining how enthusiastic consent is super sexy, which is something that we’ll be talking about during our class on November 2nd. (If you’re wondering what this has to do with reproductive justice – just wait until our class on November 9th when we’ll be talking about Gender + Sexuality!)

Hope y’all are having super fabulous sunny Sundays.

Over and out of the closet,


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