Katy Perry drag?!

With a couple edits to the lyrics (i.e. inserting some sexy consent!), I would be SO DOWN to do a drag of Katy Perry’s ‘song’, “Peacock.”

Why would I do this? For starters, I’m super addicted to the song. That’s right. I SAID IT. I am fine to admit it.

Second – it simply begs for some SERIOUS queering. Every time I listen, I imagine this uber amazing breakdown: me wearing a gigantic set of feathers (assortment of pinks and purples), gyrating in front of a bus stop (why not?), with a set of genderfucking back-up dancers bringing something fierce. Imagine a bus pulling up and all the people riding raising some mad Lezbian Fists!

MAYBE I’ll ship my ass over to England for the next Alternative Miss World dressed as a giant silicone peacock!

And it goes without saying that telling your lover(s) that you want to admire the majesty of their flesh-and-silicone treasures is simply the best.

Oh and I’m taking some mad inspiration from Ryan Yezak & Crew’s video:


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