But How Does It FIT?!

Ever wondered how folks are able to push BABIES out of their bodies? (How is this even physically POSSIBLE?!!) Ever thought about how folks learn how to breastfeed? Or change diapers? Or find five minutes of rest while living with a small, screaming creature?

*dun-dun-duh-DAH!* Cue: BETH MURCH! From her website: “My name is Beth Murch and I am a professional Antenatal, Labour, and Postpartum Doula and independent Placenta Service Provider in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, as well as a director for the Kitchener-Waterloo Doula Collective.” PLUS she’s a fantastic human being and she gives the best hugs ever. 

Beth is a member of our community class – “A Critical Survey of Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice in Canada.” This week she will be facilitating our time together and welcome us into the wonderful world of doulas!

For those who won’t be there to witness the fireworks in person, you can check out the readings that Beth had us all explore before today’s class! The first is a resource list of sorts – a smorgasbord of delightful links, videos, and other things to introduce us into the world of ‘alternative’ birthing practice. (“Alternative Birth Readings”) The second is a story, written by Beth, that offers us a small glimpse into her day-to-day practice. (“Birth By Hand”)

If you want to connect with Beth, you can call or email her! Telephone: 519-998-3204 / E-mail: beth.murch@gmail.com



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