GENNNNNNDER *and sexuality*

Heya Class Members!

I’m emailing y’all this morning about our class next week on Gender + Sexuality! Sweeee! I’m really excited for this class as this is one of the ‘topics’ that I’ve seen left out of reproductive justice conversations way too many times. So we’re gonna SLAM IT DOWN and make up for time and space wasted.

Note our location change for November 16th! We will be in Room 2134/35 in the Student Life Centre at UWaterloo (down the hall from the window room where we usually meet.)
Here are a couple of things to attend to in preparation for our adventure into the glittery spider webs of gender + sexuality:

  1. Ask Yourself: “What is my gender? How do I relate to it? Is it important to my understanding of myself?” Bring your answers to our class. There will be time to share your answers and thoughts (or further questions!) if you wish to do so. 
  2. Reading #1! “The Seam of Skin and Scales” on the blog Taking Steps (blog post)
  3. Reading #2! “Why Queer Justice and Reproductive Justice Movements Should Work Together” by the abortion gang (blog post)
  4. Reading #3! (This one isn’t listed on our class schedule so pay close attention!) “Credit Card Babies” by MEN on youtube (You can find the lyrics here)
  5. Delicious Diversion! Butches + Babies! *melt* (Pictures of studs/AGs/MOC folks/butches holding babies!)

Happy Thursday!

Over and out of the freakin’ closet,


aka *Glitter Cream Supreme*


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