Join the Class!

Everyone is welcome to join this class! You do not need any prior knowledge of abortion rights, pro-choice or reproductive justice. All you need is a willingness to learn, participate and challenge yourself.

In this class, we will strive to make our learning environment a safer space. This means that we will work together to meet each other where everyone is at. Seasoned activists will learn from those who want to build their organizing skills. Queer folks will rub shoulders with straight folks. We’ll no doubt work through conversations about racism, abelism, heterosexism, colonization – and we’ll do so in ways that are real and respectful.

Are you up for the adventure?! Sign up!

How to Join the Class

Email Ashling Ligate, the facilitator, at or attend our first meeting on Wednesday September 14th from 3-5 PM at the University of Waterloo. (Email for exact location.)

How to Take the Class for Credit (OPTIONAL)

Hover your mouse over the tab “Join the Class!” to access the drop down menu; click on “Taking the Class for Credit.”


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