One of the main themes of this class is choice. How can we have full choice? What does that mean? How can we address the barriers we face when trying to make choices?

Access and choice are tangled up in each other: If I can’t access a space, I can’t choose to be there. If I can’t access elusive membership into a community or group, I can’t really choose to affiliate with that community or group.

Cover image of the zine of the same title by AJ Withers (A picture of a stick figure using a wheelchair, holding up their middle finger. The title reads: "If I can't dance, is it still my revolution?")

We need to care for each other. In a community of care, we promise to create spaces, build ‘containers’ that can hold the awesomeness of a great diversity of folks.

In this class we will strive to create a community of care. There is simply no alternative if we are going to talk about abortion rights and reproductive justice in ways that are grounded and real. Let’s do this together.

If there is anything that would make it possible, easier, or more comfortable for you to participate in this class, please email Ashling Ligate, the facilitator, at


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