Physical Accessibility

This class will be meeting on the campus of the University of Waterloo. To see a map of accessible parking location and accessible entrances on the campus, click here to visit an online map. Once you’re looking at the map, click on the little buttons in the ‘Layers’ navigation box in the bottom left-hand corner of the map.

(A person using a wheelchair is stopped at a dropped curb that is 2 feet higher than the road. The construction worker says, "If I'd have known you'd be this fussy...!" Another person looks on and is holding a clipboard that says "Accessibility Audit.")

If you have other questions about the physical accessibility of the campus of the University of Waterloo or would like to know what’s available for persons with disabilities, contact the Office for Persons with Disabilities by calling 519-888-4567, extension 35082 or visiting their office in Needles Hall.

Also, feel free to email the class facilitator, Ashling Ligate, at abortionrightskw [at] gmail [dot] com to chat about what would make it easier and more comfortable for you to participate in the class.


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