Things to Inspire

*(This list will continue to grow – check back regularly!)



  • “At Mobility International USA’s 5th International Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD), disabled women celebrate our strength and solidarity, while generating plans to revolutionize the status of women with disabilities around the world in education, employment, HIV/AIDS, violence prevention, legal rights and political power.”
  • “Loretta Ross, cofounder and national coordinator of SisterSong, Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, speaks about “the beauty of the reproductive justice framework.” Ross explains how the reproductive justice framework is a human rights-based framework that is interrelated to all the other issues we face in our communities.”
  • Katsi Cook, a Mohawk midwife and reproductive justice activist, speaks about her work and maternal and child health initiatives at the United Nations.
  • “Activist Jessica Yee explains why having one cause is old-school thinking. We need to see the connections from one cause to the next- for example- The Environment and reproductive health. Yee explains the connection.”




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